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Gemini January 2019 ~ MAJOR ENDINGS & AWESOME NEW BEGINNINGS ~ Astrology ~ Horoscope

A productive energy flows on September 3, as Mercury, Mars, and the sun meet in Virgo, inspiring you to reorganize something at home or begin an important conversation concerning security, privacy, or boundaries. Venus opposes Neptune in Pisces on September 4, and you find yourself feeling confused about where you fit in. If you hold off on decision making and suspend your desire for fast results, this could prove to be an amazingly creative time for you, Gemini.

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On September 5, your ruler Mercury connects with Saturn, inspiring you to communicate your limits and boundaries, supporting you if you need to deliver any bad news or end a situation, and helping you stay grounded. Communication in your relationships gets a boost when Mercury clashes with Jupiter on September 6, just watch out for exaggerations! Plans are discussed and a supportive energy flows as the sun connects with Saturn on this day, and Venus connects with Pluto in Capricorn, inspiring you to dive deep into emotionally charged situations.

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This is a powerful time to bond on an intense, emotional level with your partners. Themes concerning being taken care of perhaps financially will surface.

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Watch out for miscommunications, distractions, and lies as Mercury opposes Neptune on September 7! Neptune is the planet of fantasy, and Mercury cares about the details—when these two energies clash, you must be wise about what advice you take. A productive and stabilizing energy flows in your personal life on September 9, when warrior planet Mars connects with the planet of rules and commitments, Saturn.

This day also finds you connecting with powerful people and making intense emotional transformations as the sun meets Pluto, the planet of rebirth. A tricky full moon in Pisces arrives on September 14, and Mars opposes Neptune, imbuing this full moon with even more magic, mystery, and mayhem.

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An important culmination in your career is taking place, but you have to watch out for sleazy, lazy, lying, or sneaky people. This is not the time to make commitments. Full moons are emotional, so instead of making critical decisions right now, challenge yourself to feel your feelings. A wonderful change in energy arrives during this full moon as Mercury and Venus enter fellow air sign Libra, bringing fun, romance, and creative inspiration your way.

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Saturn ends its retrograde on September 18, and you reach a turning point in your inner work and finances. A lot of people use this energy in a rather negative way they tend to sit and stew , but it doesn't have to be that way.

Instead, use this unconscious energy to solve any longstanding problems you may have had or to enter therapy, rehabilitation centers and the like. Gemini, this is the new moon that you wait for all year long; the new moon in your first house. Think of this new moon as a gift from the cosmic gods as it allows you to spend the energy in any way you choose. When it comes to setting the tone for the month, July's new moon falls squarely in your second house of earned income.

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It's not unusual to see your salary fluctuate when this new moon comes around. August's new moon is all about communication Gemini, something you tend to do very well with. You can use this time to explore various forms of communication, such as investigating a new cell phone plan, or calling your siblings more frequently to chat.

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The focus of this month is on hearth and home. Time spent redecorating and tinkering around the house can prove to be quite beneficial now. You should also consider launching a business from your home as it could also prove successful. October's fifth house moon is all about romance and flirty fun. Take this time to head out the door looking your best; you never know who you may run into!

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Additionally, if you are already in a significant relationship, this would be a great time to think about starting a family. The moon in November falls in your sixth house, so your energies will be focused on your job and day-to-day activities. Any new position secured now will likely be a lateral move as opposed to moving up in a company. Significant others and partnerships of all kinds are the domain of December's new moon. As such, this usually is a wonderful time for you to become engaged.